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          Littleton Town  ‘A Love Letter in Disguise’   is a fiction work about a young woman and a young man who grow up in a cluster of small towns that create for them a set of nostalgic, romantic memories as they go through a series of challenges in life both mutually and separately.  The story is primarily told through the eyes of Gabriel Stands and Hope Valentine.  As this tale progresses Hope and Gabriel's lives are incessantly interrupted but their paths continuously cross.  Comedy, tragedy, and romance flow seamlessly from chapter to chapter showing the many different qualities and traits these two characters exude.  Everything from Hopes comical clumsiness to Gabriel’s intense passions as well as a terrible tragedy that cause both of them a major stumbling block for many years to come.

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          Hopes tragedy causes a myriad of problems by not allowing her to fully realize many things through her continuous loss of memory due to a monstrous shock to her mind when abducted and assaulted by a stranger apparently wearing black gloves.  Hope tries to keep this a secret from Gabriel for fear that he might reject her and see her in the same light as the disturbed children that her father works with at his job as a supervisor at the Littleton Institution for Troubled Children.  She gets all of her family and friends that she’s confided in to help her keep this secret but her minor episodes begin to expose the progressing nature of a problem and no one can deny that there must be something wrong.  Gabriel eventually finds out her secret and makes it his mission to help her get well even if it means giving up everything to do this.


            Hopes problem takes a turn for the worst during one of her catatonic episodes when she sees an image of herself splitting in two.  One of these images walks away and never comes back and what she is left with when she comes out of her dream state no one quite recognizes.  Gabriel even notices a change in one of Hopes physical features.


            The day of the trial does not go well and her memory of the account completely fails her via another episode.  The next time she sees Gabriel in the hallways at school she, still partially in a state of disorder, brings up a promise Gabriel made on the day Hope broke up with him claiming him to have come up short on this promise.  Gabriel’s emotions go through a somersault of change and he almost commits an action he would regret forever but still carries the guilt of it for a very long time.


            When Gabriel finally meets defeat in his mission to help the one he loves he moves far away to pursue various ventures only to find himself still empty inside never meeting anyone else or finding any occupation that could fill that void like Hope.  He finds Hope on a people searching website and writes to her.   A dialogue reopens between the two after 17 years of silence.  Is she pleased to hear from him or does she break his heart all over again?

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